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I am Maia. I am originally from South America. I am wonderer, researcher, constructivist, a lifelong learner, and currently mothering Third Culture Kids while my husband and I give them the world.  As a designer and student of philosophy, human development has been at the core of my research, especially in the early years. I believe in playful inquiry as a catalyst for learning experiences within cognition and socio-emotional learning.


I believe in creating conditions that will amplify the environment as a third teacher, an agentic space where children can find more than 100 languages with others. 

As a teacher-researcher, I am constantly exploring ways to challenge my perspective on education as a democratic action where we can find equity, empathy, social justice, and sustainable practices in global dimensions.

Building learning communities is an essential component of my daily work, where embracing failure and the unknown, is at the heart of this process. 


When I am out of the classroom you can find me in my second Atelier, the kitchen, experimenting with spices. I am passionate about holistic approaches to living, like Yoga, Reiki, and Ayurveda. I am a photographer aficionado and love writing about my experiences on the Medium platform.

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