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We as lifelong learners



We believe in using our strengths to overcome our challenges. Welcoming vulnerability as we support each other in an inclusive, democratic space where social-justice guides our relationships.

Creating our learning space


Literacy Tools

In the making of our Alphabet wall, children start to grasp the concept of form and connection. There was space to practice letter recognition, tracing, sound correspondence, fine-motor skills, and most importantly, sharing a project as an important artifact that becomes a learning tool. How might your projects be a catalyst for collaboration?

Who We Are


Dots with Music

Exploring our individuality through the celebration of International Dot Day 2020.

Children discover how our challenges open opportunities for risk-taking and thus, developing new abilities. 


Creating Fair Stories

Being fair is part of participating as a balanced learner in our communities. To revisit this concept, we read the book

“Fair Shares” and we remember how not everyone needs the same.


What is Death?

In their daily interactions, children started talking about killing, death, and dying. This set the perfect discovery to explore our Central Idea: How personal journeys open new opportunities for growth.

Key Concepts: Change and reflection. 


What does it mean to be deaf?

Through personal experiences children encounter fear of the unknown. This leads to meaningful discoveries.

 Line of inquiry: Moments that lead to change. After an encounter with deafness, we explore a different way to learn, to be inclusive, and to nurture understanding of others.


Stories with Nature

This is the experiential process of how we connect our environment to the arts and literacy in an approach called Story Workshop, then building a narrative through Writer's Workshop.


Stories in Collage

This is a collective story done by children ages 5-7. After exploring the tecniques of artist, Henri Matisse, they built a collage with paper and loose parts. Finally, they gather their ideas and build a collective story. Click below to experience.

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